Session 7: What Comes Next

Friday, April 21, 2023

Companies face enormous pressure to prove they value their people. Research from Syndio and NYSE shows that the actions your organization takes around pay equity can directly impact investor relations. A JUST Capital study reveals that the American public — across demographics and political affiliation — want companies to prioritize workers and wages above all.

How can CHROs and Total Rewards leaders get ahead of this “stakeholder soup” of new salary transparency laws, future SEC disclosures, and the deepening interest in the ‘S’ in ESG from investors? Attendees got a look behind the scenes with an EEOC Commissioner, NYSE’s Head of ESG advisory services, and the Managing Director behind America’s Most JUST Companies rankings. Panelists provided an inside track on:

- Current trends around the ‘S’ in ESG — and what’s coming next
- Recommendations for quantifying human capital metrics
- The ROI of workplace equity efforts and disclosures
- The role CHROs and Total Rewards leaders can play in investor relations strategies