Session 6: The ROI of Workplace Equity

Friday, April 21, 2023

Pay equity and transparency are the right thing to do, but they’re not always an easy sell to bottom-line-driven, risk-averse leadership teams and boards. To make a compelling case for investing in pay equity, compensation and HR leaders must be able to clearly demonstrate the tangible and intangible value of their efforts. How do you measure success and communicate results back to all of your stakeholders so that it builds trust in the work you're doing and in your employer brand?

Attendees heard first-hand from a panel of Total Rewards leaders from global brands as they shared outcomes, practical advice, and lessons learned, including:
- Real-world experiences of the business benefits of prioritizing workplace equity
- Tactics for communicating about pay to head off employee concerns
- Tips for leveraging pay equity as a differentiator in competitive talent markets
- Metrics and approaches for measuring the ROI of workplace equity
- Why the time is now to take action and prioritize workplace equity initiatives within your own organizations