Opening Remarks and
Keynote: The Era of Workplace Equity

Friday, April 21, 2023

Lynn Martin, President of NYSE kicked off the event by sharing why workplace equity (as measured by pay + opportunity equity) has risen to the top of NYSE’s agenda, and why they’re working in partnership with Syndio to help companies add muscle, measurement, and action around the ‘S’ in ESG. Lynn set the stage for the day's 360° exploration of workplace equity and how investors, boards, regulators, leaders, and practitioners are bringing this work to the foreground of global business.

The frontier of workplace equity is constantly shifting underfoot as organizations grapple with a swirl of emerging and evolving mandates: Comply with new pay transparency laws, future-proof against a potential recession, compete in the talent wars, set the right pay ranges, maintain equity in the face of layoffs, meet the standards of value-driven investors, elevate the conversation with boards, and more.

But there’s been enough dissecting the problem. Now it’s time for action around this solvable challenge — and Summit attendees are on the front lines of the solution. That’s why we jumpstarted the Workplace Equity Summit with a keynote from a powerhouse leader who knows a thing or two about igniting change: Valerie Jarrett, CEO of the Barack Obama Foundation & Former Senior Advisor to President Obama.

In a fireside chat with Syndio CEO Maria Colacurcio, Valerie shared from her wealth of multi-faceted experience around these crucial business priorities. Our hope is that attendees walked away with the inspiration to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the pay transparency era and steer their organizations towards a future of work that is equitable, human, and resilient. Progress starts here.